Our Team

Valerie Gunderson

Valerie joined Weald Preschool in 2000. She has NVQ Level 3 equivalent qualification in Child Care and Education.
Valerie has been Joint Owner/ Supervisor since 2007 till 2018
Valerie's main role is the day to day running of the setting. She is Designated Child Safeguarding Lead, ensuring the welfare of both children and adults.
She liaises with other Agencies and child care professionals. She also deals with Government funding for 2- 4 year olds. Valerie has responsibilities for organising training for the staff to ensure all are kept up to date.

Carol Reid

Carol joined Weald Preschool in 2003. She has NVQ Level 3 equivalent qualification in Child Care and Education.
Carol became Joint Owner/supervisor in 2014. She previously held the roles of Deputy and SENCO. Since becoming Joint owner Carol has taken on the onerous task of Administrator of the setting, dealing with the majority of the paperwork, communicating with other Professionals and outside agencies.
Carol is invaluable in keeping the Business in order.
Carol also has the role of Designated Child Safeguarding

Miranda Salter

Miranda joined Weald Preschool in 2003, she has NVQ Level 3 equivalent qualification in Child Care and Education. She is Deputy Supervisor.
Miranda is an invaluable member of the team. She is the SENCO lead for the setting and has a firm grasp of the role. She is able to communicate well with other Professionals, and has a very good understanding of the needs of children with Special Needs. She has a very empathetic nature, and strives to ensure the setting is inclusive to all.
Miranda also has a lot of input into planning to ensure EYFS is adhered to.

Debbie Maddison

Debbie Maddison joined Preschool in 2009. Debbie became joint supervisor in September 2108. She has Level 3 NVQ equivalent qualification in Early Years. Debbie has a very calm, gentle approach to children, which encourages many of the quieter children to thrive. This makes her an invaluable member of the team. It has also lead her to have responsibilities regarding 2 year olds and new entrants.
Debbie also has the role of Treasurer of the Business.

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson joined Preschool in 2003, she left for a short period and then rejoined us . Sarah has NVQ Level 3 equivalent qualification in Early Years.
Sarah has a special interest in the Outside Area, keeping it tidy and safe, also involving the children in a lot of gardening, planting and Investigating the Outside Environment. Sarah has a good understanding of behaviour management.
She was instrumental in setting up Weald Breakfast Club, which has been running for 3 years and is a great success.

Mel Sullivan

Mel joined Weald Preschool in 2015. She has a wealth of life experiences and has a keen interest in Child Development.
Mel has a natural energy and enthusiasm, which encourages children to participate and extend their learning experiences.
Mel is going to do the SENCO course in the near future which will enable her to give greater support to Miranda Salter SENCO lead.